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Do you dream of the thought of sitting, relaxing, and enjoying the peace and tranquillity of your garden, but struggle to even find the time to keep it in shape? Our professional landscape services are fully comprehensive, whether it’s just keeping your garden looking trim, neat and tidy, or designing the garden of your dreams. We’ll do all that for you, so that all you have to do is sit, relax, and enjoy!

What’s Included:

  • Removal and disposal of all unwanted weeds.

  • Removal and disposal of all unwanted leaves.

  • Levelling of border soil.

  • Fertilising the lawn in order to keep it in tip top condition.

  • Pruning flowers and plants.

  • Keeping hedges in trim.

  • Trimming trees under 3 metres.

  • Manual watering of the garden (where there is no automatic irrigation).

  • Checking the irrigation system and advising of the need for maintenance or repair.

  • Advice on the right plants, grasses, bushes, and trees for your garden.

What’s Excluded:

  • Control of pests.

  • Provision of consumables including: sweet soil, manure, netting, seeds, flowers, bulbs, and lights.

  • Trimming trees over 3 metres.

  • Maintenance and repair of the irrigation system.

  • Large-scale disposal of garden waste.

  • Landscape design and landscaping including: garden design, building path ways, ornamental pools, fencing, turfing, installation of irrigation systems, and landscape repair.



An additional cost is payable for the above ‘excluded’ services, for which we would be delighted to provide a quotation on request.

Please note the following important information:

  • There is a minimum charge of AED 200 for a callout valid for 1 hour.

  • Additional labour hours after the first 2 hours will be charged at AED 200 per hour.

  • Fees shall be payable 100% on arrival of the technician.

  • We may use a registered and approved sub-contractor who is specialized in Landscape related jobs.

  • A job will be finished by the team in the same visit unless parts need to be ordered in order to complete the job, for which the job completion will be delayed. The call out fee shall however be still charged.

  • For all jobs, kindly note that full access to the property is required, as is the complimentary use of domestic water, and access to the electricity supply, where required.

  • Payment for spare parts must be made in advance to proceed with the job.

  • Parts and materials are subject to availability in the UAE.

  • Any remedial work required to repair damage to your lawn resulting from hot, dry weather, or exposure to contaminated water will be charged separately

  • We may use a registered and approved sub-contractor who is specialized in gardening/landscaping services.